Serious and Organised Crime

Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) is defined as individuals planning or coordinating and committing serious offences, whether individually, in groups and/or as part of transnational networks. 

The main categories of serious offences covered by the term are: 

There are four overarching objectives to achieve the aim of targeting and disrupting serious and organised crime: 

1. Relentless disruption and targeted action against the highest harm serious and organised criminals and networks.



2. Building the highest levels of defence and resilience in vulnerable people, communities, businesses and systems.

3. Stopping the problem at source, identifying and supporting those at risk of engaging in criminality.



4. Establishing a single, whole-system approach.


Pursue, Prepare, Protect & Prevent

We will maintain the Pursue, Prepare, Protect and Prevent delivery framework, sometimes known as ‘4Ps’, as it provides a coherent approach for all partners involved in countering serious and organised crime, from preventing crime in the first place to convicting perpetrators and helping victims.

The four strands are:

  • To Pursue offenders through prosecution and disruption
  • To Prepare for when serious and organised crime occurs and mitigate impact
  • To Protect individuals, organisations and systems from the effects of serious and organised crime 
  • To Prevent people from engaging in serious and organised crime

Our Forces

Serious and Organised Crime exploits vulnerable people, blights communities and generates fear, intimidation and violence. ROCUWM will work with regional forces and partners to ensure a robust response to this and make sure individuals involved in SOC are always looking over their shoulders in the knowledge that we will take every opportunity to disrupt and prosecute them.

Control Strategy

Protecting our Communities from Serious & Organised Crime

Within the West Midlands Region there are currently 170 active OCGs. These groups all vary in their crime types which are identified within the ROCU Control strategy and will continue to exploit the vulnerable, use violence to dominate communities and chase profits in the criminal market place.