Warrants executed at multiple locations in connection with cash machine theft series - Oxfordshire

News / Mon 26th, Nov

A number of people have been arrested after Thames Valley Police conducted several warrants in connection with a series of ATM burglaries in Oxfordshire, supported by WMROCU.

Four men sentenced to prison following firearms investigation

News / Fri 20th, Jul

A joint investigation by the Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU), Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police has seen four men sentenced to nearly 75 years in prison for importing firearms into the country.

Workers safeguarded in food factory slavery operation

News / Wed 24th, May

ROCU West Midlands and West Midlands Police have safeguarded a group of workers suspected of being exploited for cheap labour at a Birmingham food processing plant − the latest operation in the force’s campaign to target gang masters and traffickers.

Boss of hacked company warns of cybercrime threat

News / Thu 13th, Apr

The Managing Director of a company held to ransom by hackers has warned other bosses to protect themselves against cyber crooks − or run the risk of web sharks crippling their businesses.

New information from the College of Policing

News / Wed 22nd, Mar

The Serious & Organised Crime, Menu of tactics has been published on the College of Policing, ‘What Works’ website

Crime doesn’t pay as police recover ill-gotten gains

News / Wed 22nd, Mar

Almost £2 million of ill-gotten gains has been recovered in less than a year as West Midlands Police proves that crime doesn’t pay!

Slavery suspects arrested in WMP probe into suspected brothels

News / Fri 03rd, Feb

Two men arrested as part of a West Midlands Police slavery investigation into suspected brothels in Coventry.

Back to prison for Wolverhampton thug Carl Johnson

News / Fri 29th, Jan

Notorious Wolverhampton gangster Carl Johnson has been sent back to prison after failing to repay the tens of thousands of pounds that he made from his life of crime.

Underground online pirates sentenced to 17 years

News / Fri 18th, Dec

Five members of an underground piracy group who illegally released the latest blockbusters onto the web have been jailed for more than 17 years.

Handsworth man jailed for fraud

News / Tue 15th, Sep

A Handsworth man has been jailed after opening bank accounts, financial agreements and obtaining a driving licence all with false documents.


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