The West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit is a collaboration between the police forces of Staffordshire, West Midlands, West  Mercia and Warwickshire to fight organised crime across the region.

The aim of the WMROCU is to reduce the impact and increase the disruption of serious and organised crime within the region and beyond.

We target those areas of criminality we believe pose the greatest regional threats to the people and businesses of the area we cover.

Working alongside other UK law enforcement agencies and many other partners from both private and public sectors, the WMROCU will directly influence the capabilities of these groups, stifling and reducing their criminal activity.

Find out more about the teams within the ROCU that are helping to keep you safe.

Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART)

The Regional Asset Recovery Team seizes the proceeds of crime and the cash raised is channelled into the public purse, much of which is used to help support community projects. Since it began the RART has recovered millions of pounds of criminally acquired property. In 2012/13 alone it secured 50 confiscation orders to the value of £7.9m.

Regional Fraud Team (RFT)

Regional Fraud Teams turn the spotlight on criminals who specialise in fraud. The teams focus is to reduce the impact of fraud offending on those targeted by organised crime. Working closely with the Regional Asset Recovery Team enables further disruption and impact upon organised criminals proceeds of crime.

Regional Intelligence Unit (RIU)

The Regional Intelligence Unit is responsible for gathering intelligence relating to serious, organised and complex crime that impacts across, into and from the region.

This unit works alongside police forces and other partner agencies in the region to gather an overall, comprehensive view of any threat posed by organised crime groups (OCGs).

Regional Prison Intelligence Unit (RPIU)

The Regional Prison Intelligence Unit has responsibility for ‘lifetime offender management’ within the region, maintaining a presence within the prison establishments covered by the WMROCU area. Each Prison Intelligence Officer has close links to their respective establishments, creating a strong working relationship which provides a vital gateway into the prison environment.

Regional Protected Persons Unit (RPPU)

The regional teams of the UK Protected Persons Service provide specialist support to local police forces and other agencies in the management of individuals judged to be at serious risk of harm.  People likely to be supported by this unit could be witnesses to serious crime, victims of Honour Based Violence and others identified under the terms of the Serious Organised Crime and Policing Act.

Regional Cyber Crime Unit (RCCU)

The Regional Cyber Crime Unit (RCCU) investigates the serious criminal activity surrounding cyber-crime such as high-end, extensive computer fraud and identity theft.

RCCU also brings cyber skills and e-forensic support to the investigation of serious and organised crime as part of WMROCU investigations.

Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN)

GAIN is an intelligence sharing and problem solving network. It was set up so that all law enforcement agencies could formally share intelligence and information helping to frustrate and identify the activities of organised criminal groups.

Regional Asset confiscation enforcement Team (RACE)

The Regional Asset Confiscation Enforcement Team will provide additional key support to Financial Investigators by ensuring that confiscation orders are effectively and vehemently enforced. This will result in more money being taken out of the hands of convicted criminals. It is further support in the relentless pursuit of criminal assets by Law Enforcement.

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