Birmingham man arrested after cyber attack on US government

News / March 06

A Birmingham man was arrested this week in connection with a web attack on the US Department of Defence (DoD).

The 23-year-old was arrested on Wednesday 4 March by NCA officers, supported by the West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU).

He was detained on suspicion of offences relating to a network intrusion in June 2014 on the US DoD.

This relates to theft of information from the Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services global communication system used by the DoD to communicate with employees internationally.

During an NCA week of action this week more than 50 have been arrested by the National Cyber Crime Unit.

Detective Inspector Rob Harris, from the West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit, said: “Officers from the ROCU supported the NCA in this arrest after a substantial investigation.

“This action shows that we are committed to tackling cyber crime across the West Midlands and protecting the network infrastructure used by millions of people every day.”

Andy Archibald, Deputy Director of the NCA’s National Cyber Crime Unit, said: “The 56 arrests around the country this week are a result of the essential partnership activity with law enforcement, industry and government that is at the heart of fighting cybercrime.

“Criminals need to realise that committing crime online will not make them anonymous to law enforcement. We are continuously working to track down and apprehend those seeking to utilise computers for criminal ends, and to disrupt the technical networks and infrastructures supporting international cyber crime.  

“It’s imperative that we continue to work with partners to pursue and disrupt the major crime groups targeting the UK, but also, crucially, work to make sure that people have the knowledge and resources to make the UK as inhospitable as possible for cyber criminals in the first place.”

National Policing Lead for Cybercrime, Deputy Chief Constable Peter Goodman said:“Cyber-crime is not victimless.  A high-end cyber-attack against financial institutions could have a far-reaching impact on our economy.  Small and medium sized businesses can be bankrupted by a cyber-attack with owners and staff losing their jobs.  You could be seriously affected by the publication of your personal information.

“We are transforming our response to cyber-crime.  We now have an effective national cyber-crime unit and regional units tackling this crime, who have worked together this week to target those who are using the internet to steal, commit fraud or impact on organisations’ ability to do their business.

“Please make it harder for these criminals to get away with it by taking simple steps to stay secure online.”

All this week the West Midlands ROCU has been highlighting the very real risk to businesses and the public that cyber crime poses.

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If you believe you have been a victim of online fraud contact Action Fraud.

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